Eraserhead – David Lynch (1976)

Interpreting the film

Eraserhead is considered a difficult film to understand and is open to various interpretations. For example, the review at DVD Verdict offers at least three interpretations.[2] The story does not have a strictly linear plot, it is punctuated with fantasy/dream sequences of differing lengths, and the boundary between these fantasy/dream sequences and the primary narrative strand is often blurred. Lynch has said he has yet to read an interpretation of the film that is the same as his own. (From Wikipedia –

David Lynch’s website –


2 thoughts on “Eraserhead

  1. Aren’t all Lynch movies ‘open to interpretation?’ I JUST figured out Lost Highway the other day after having watched it numerous times over the years (which is harsh b/c it’s not that great of a movie) and saw “Fire Walk With Me” the other day to satisfy my Twin Peaks fascination for ongoing years…and that too did not seem to make much sense. However, you can tell there is a plot to all the madness. But I must say Mullholand Drive is the most insane of them all. I do like though, how Lynch uses varied cinematic effects for different meanings. He seems to go the extra mile, giving his films an ethereal quality…almost like science fiction, but not quite. I will be interested to put Eraserhead on my list of things to watch.
    Hope it’s not as straight forward as Elephant Man.

    Anyone put Lynch in the same category as Kubrick?

  2. re: I saw this movie the other day. I am still having nightmares. Does Lynch use that same lobby scene in EVERY movie? I also watched the short films of David Lynch…I think I can do without the guy for a few years now. I would not recomend the short films by any means.

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