Broken Rainbow


This Oscar-winning documentary tells the story of the forced relocation of 12,000 Navajo Indians in Arizona that took place after Interior Secretary James Watts sold inexpensive leases to developers in 1983. Claiming the land rightfully belonged to the Hopi, the U.S. government moved the Navajo residents to tract homes in other areas. Both Navajo and Hopi Indians describe how a century of bureaucratic racism has affected their lives.


3 thoughts on “Broken Rainbow

  1. This piece made me angry. The government overstepped their bounds and got away with it. It was wrong.

    However The US has stretched to California Since the Mexican-American war ending in 1848. That’s 162 years, almost 8 generations. No one has come to their aid and no one will, because everyone is afraid of the US. But after 8 generations there should be enough culture crossover that they could become part of america. We are the meltingpot.

    They are hanging on. And they should hang on to their religion. but they can do it as citizens of their conquerers.


  2. It upset me when the Senator made a comment that the Native Americans should move from the homes and land because they are “Americans” and it is their duty to do so as “Americans”. The thing is they didn’t ask to be Americans, nor do they understand the greed which America seems to have. The Native Americans have a different relationship to the land than Americans, their religion revolves around the land and nature which the America government wants to and is destroying.

  3. Interesting site.

    Unfortunately Kevin W things are not that simple. Appreciate you commenting – if we are not talking and trying to understand then how do we move forward? Their “religion” and by that I mean a very diverse population of people that can’t be narrowed to one religion – but instead a world view that is also diverse. Does a melting pot really work? Can it? Hitler was a conquerer of sorts (and I only say this here because the documentary brings up the connection between concentration camps and indian reservations) if you look at it that way – should they just surrender yet another time after treaties that were signed with the government have been broken time after time. How is that any kind of justness? Everything stems from the land – you take the land away – their is no more basis for their “religion” like the documentary said would you take apart a cathedral brick by brick – imagine what would happen.

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