Big Easy to Big Empty


Thousands of New Orleans residents were forced to evacuate when Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005; filmed a year later, this compelling documentary shows how some of the city’s poorest residents were still trying to find their way home. Investigative reporter Greg Palast interviews scores of storm victims, from separated families to people who lost everything, and finds that the common thread is that they all just want to return home.


4 thoughts on “Big Easy to Big Empty

  1. Further proof of the idea that “if you don’t have money we don’t care”, why are our lives only motivated by money or how we can possibly earn more money?

  2. It’s truly crazy to see how much the media has covered up this situation. Without any reporting, I had personally believed that maybe… just maybe, things were being fixed. To hear Patrica’s story about being locked out of her fully functioning home really drove the point home that Katrina was more than a natural disaster- a ploy to drive N.O residents away.

  3. I’m glad that Greg Palast decided to make this film; I had no idea things in N.O. were still in this state. How am I able to trust the government or any media source for the truth? It makes me feel very alone and cheated in a country that supposedly believes in “the melting pot”, freedom, and truth.

  4. This is why we have problems in this country. It is all about greed. Take the people who are broke and put them out of sight – out of mind. The rich want to build it up for a profit. They don’t care who used to live there. They want to steal it. I am embarrassed to be a citizen in a county that allows this.

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