“iPod ecosystem#FIOS D-5”, 2007 de-cased Ipod,directly sculpted onto, plastics [Polyethylene Terephthalate & High-Density Polyethylene],resin, acrylic,extruded polyethylene, aluminum, airbrush paints,12 v LED’s,fiber optics,custom video and video-playlist.__



3 thoughts on “[dNASAb]

  1. this work is very aggressive in a seductive way, just as the technology is that it is inspired and created by(with). i enjoy the hyper colors and the urgency of the still object with its protrusions. it seems very invasive just as the technology is in every day life. how many times have you seen someone you know and said hello or began a conversation with them only to realize they are already engaged with someone else on their bluetooth? family road trips are no longer dominated by bonding and story-telling or little arguments…instead they are dominated by the children on their iPods, iPhones, iMacs, mini DVD players, PSP, Gameboys and so on. I see passengers in cars on their laptops!

    entire relationships have been created with technology and I do not mean internet dating. I mean people who have a relationship with their technology. it is a real thing.

    the video [paintings] especially create the feeling of intrusion for me. i also enjoy how the titles of all the works are even typed out in a ‘technological jargin’.

  2. I have taken apart electronics for years. But what this guy does is awesome. I can’t believe he does it so they still work. it takes some finesse to prevent the small connections from breaking. I like things that light up too. and it gives it a futuristic feel with today’s electronics.

  3. ipods are high tech electronics at the moment and to be able to raise the image of its present day stature is great. i really feel this image has high quality to the way the world is turning in the electronic industry

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