Cocaine Cowboys


This penetrating and sometimes harrowing documentary from director Billy Corben pulls out all the stops to explore the many dimensions of Miami’s cocaine-trafficking boom of the 1980s, from how the drug was moved and the financial impact on the city to the havoc and violence that followed in its wake. Told by the smugglers, cops and average citizens who were there, this film is an unflinching study of Miami’s most notorious and lethal vice.


4 thoughts on “Cocaine Cowboys

  1. I am amazed at how they talk about what they did. They think that they are heroes. They feel like they are not the bad guys because there was that godmother that was psycho. They almost got away with it. It was too much money too fast. Miami didn’t know how to cope with it. Then it crumbled when they started cleaning up.

  2. Well a lot of movies now make these people the “good guys” who is to say who is a “good guy” or a “bad guy”? Hollywood confuses people about their own opinions.

  3. those guys went to prison, but for only 6 or 7 years. how is a government “free” or “fair” if tons of illegally-gained money can get you out of prison? i guess in a way it helped the economy of Miami, but i don’t think it was worth the lives and the social problems.

  4. The transporter guy was great. He was acting like he was better than everyone else because he kept his image on the “down low,” and he didn’t use the product. I forgot how many tons of cocaine he admitted to transporting but just imagine how many people that would be for. In the end it just proves that doing something illegal gives you quick cash but at great cost.

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