America: Freedom to Fascism


Acclaimed filmmaker Aaron Russo directs this thorough investigation into the creation of the Federal Reserve and the controversial legislation (or lack thereof) that requires all American citizens to pay income taxes. Through revelatory interviews with key members of Congress, a former IRS Commissioner, tax attorneys, agents from the IRS and FBI, and various authors, Russo demystifies federal income tax and the creation of money.


3 thoughts on “America: Freedom to Fascism

  1. The part in the movie about the government counterfeiting money which is suppose to represent gold did not make sense to me. Money from any country is presented in the same form as that of the United States, in a note form. So this means that all of the other countries which use paper and coin money are doing the same thing- counterfeiting money legally

  2. I felt as if the movie was trying to find a loop hole for people that wouldn’t pay for taxes. It may not be “a law” however, taxes do go to certain things, for a reason. True a lot of money is misused, but instead of stop paying all together, reorganize its use.

    The second half of the video appeared to me as a low budget conspiracy movie. The government wont put tracking chips in the money. That would cost too much, besides the dollar bills go through a lot. They get forgot in the laundry. Dropped and ran over. So on… I believe many people will revolt over implanting a chip into themselves. Who would want to have a surgery or injection, let-a-lone insert a tracking device. I am sure there will be a volunteer program where all your info will be in one chip; Easier, like the pass-n-go. Since our generations are becoming lazier and lazier.

  3. These movies try to make us afraid of everyone and everything. But no one in the films goes all “off the grid” so I have a very hard time taking anything they say seriously. At least this one tried to have a rallying cry at the end.

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