Unborn in the USA


Weaving together 70 exclusive interviews and rare archival footage, this exhaustive chronicle of the U.S. pro-life movement investigates the inner workings and deep pockets of the influential group. The filmmakers examine the movement’s icons, fundraising machines and inroads among college students. Documentarians Stephen Fell and Will Thompson traveled across 35 states in one year to capture this controversial story.


5 thoughts on “Unborn in the USA

  1. I KNOW that this is a contentious issue, but I have never been more irate in a college class. I honestly wonder if this movie was approved by the university before viewing. I do not think this movie was appropriate. What if someone in our class had personal experience with abortion? On top of any personal struggles they might be going through, they now I have to face the most offensive modes of opposition. I did not calm down about this until I came home and was able to rant to my like-minded roommates. I know that debate is important, but the imagery and lies the people in this movie propagate do nothing for it. On this issue you’re on one side or the other and crossovers are incredibly rare. My final complaint is that the children of these protesters should be taken away from their parents for child endangerment and emotional abuse. Free speech does not extend to minors and other peoples children should not have to be traumatized by these extremists’ beliefs until they are ready.

  2. I found this video interesting at the beginning. The pro-life group watching the video of the rape victim was a great way to show how manipulative people really could be. The speaker told the people not to confront her about having the abortion but rather coach her in and gain her trust. This group seemed to be scarier than the crazy people on the street corners with the signs. At the end I see the point of both sides. Each one has a good point but also each one has to realize people have certain sistuations.

  3. Freaking Nutjobs. These people need to be breaking some sort of a law for posting offensive material nearby children. They are worse than the artist who killed a dog for profit. Who do they think they are protecting? We need protection from them!

  4. The protesting parents have no right to involve their children in their protests, having the kids hold signs up on street corners of horrible images which the kids themselves should not be exposed to let alone the public. The kids are not old enough to understand the topic let alone have an opinion of their own (not that of their parents) on the topic. Parents have to right to tell their children what their opinion is or should be.

  5. i think i agree with what everyone here is saying although it is freedom of speech really all it is now whether is immoral thats another thing and i think that what these kids are exposed to is almost brainwashing i would hate to run into one of those poor bastards in about 15 years and see what they’re doing on the corners of streets

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