Who Killed the Electric Car?


Amid ever-increasing gas prices, this documentary delves into the short life of the GM EV1 electric car — once all the rage in the mid-1990s and now fallen by the roadside. How could such an efficient, green-friendly vehicle fail to transform our garages and skies? Through interviews with government officials, former GM employees and concerned celebs (such as EV1 driver Mel Gibson), Chris Paine (former EV1 owner) seeks to answer the question.


3 thoughts on “Who Killed the Electric Car?

  1. The concept of the electric car is nice but there are still problems with it. One major one, is that our large cities can’t support the electric demand without these cars. We have rolling brown outs. With this car we would have blackouts.

    However, one thing did catch my eye. When they commented that the car only gets like 100 miles to the charge I was like that is nothing. A trip to my family’s house is about that. Then they shown us the average person’s daily drive is about 30 miles. I do less than that a day. This just shows me that we are always wanting more and more. We don’t need a car that holds 25 gallons of gas, so we can go 400 miles. But since we have it we are use to it and it will alter our perception of future cars. Maybe the answer isn’t finding another fuel source that allows us to travel further but just being able to travel.

  2. The movie really got me thinking about how much money influences the choices people make. To think that some people wouldn’t want something like the electric car out there just because they would lose money puts a sour taste in my mouth. What’s the point of developing something better when its going to get killed because it always comes back to money ?

  3. Of all the documentaries I saw in the class this one hit home the hardest. I am always trying to conserve energy. I live close to work, church, and parks. I use insulation to save heat. I wouls purchase an electric car. I would pay a premium. BUT if they continued to research it the cost would be a lost less. I drive less than 10 miles every day. It would be perfect. Now I dream of owning one. Why can’t people make one?


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