The Empire in Africa


Director Philippe Diaz exposes some of the issues the movie Blood Diamond touched upon in this award-winning documentary on the atrocities that occurred in Sierra Leone, West Africa. In 1991, a civil war exploded in this tiny, diamond-rich country, fueled by a rebel group against exploitative Western interests. But instead of coming to the aid of the people, the international community manipulated an election and used violent means for their own ends.


3 thoughts on “The Empire in Africa

  1. I was unable to watch most of the documentary. It was too graphic. We do need to realize what is going on in the world, however, I feel the message was lost when you show this much horrific imagery. I would say if they shown a few clips of the inhumanity and had the victims talk about the rest; I would be able to take in more of what they wanted. I also understand the point of the video. When the message is told about a person being cut and beaten to death, the message is somehow muted. This is why they want you watch it and realize how terrible this is. This movie should be shown to people with a huge warning. I would not recommend this for documentary for anyone that has a weak stomach or anyone under the age of eighteen. Soldiers see these images and come back with “Shell-Shock.” There are some things that the human brain can’t take in. Which causes problems. This documentary is one of them.

  2. I agree with Nathan in that it is necessary to be aware of what is happening in the world, but at what point should the cameraman hold back in order to preserve the lives of people? The portion where a small boy was being beaten nude – I could tell that the fact the camera was there was instigating the Soldiers to beat him even harder. A man had his brains shot out; if the cameraman wasn’t there would the Soldiers feel the need to “show off” by damaging people further? This sickens me. I didn’t mind when the cameraman interviewed people outside the eyes of the soldiers, but recording when the soldiers were attacking was sick; the soldiers believe what they were doing was right and they were only going to act harsher in the presence of the cameras.

  3. I thought that the views expressed in this video were common knowledge. I learned these things in High School. It infuriates me that these things happen, but I am powerless against it. Africa has ton of resources. Look how big it is! there has to be resources there.

    However this video is not the way to educate people. I was turned off and quit watching.

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