9 thoughts on “Student Gallery | April 14 – 18

  1. Nice use of line in this space. simple and effective nice cohesive show. The hair threw me off though I understand hair as growing in a continuous line but was confused as to why it was used as an object in one spot and as texture in the video.

  2. great show! i was looking forward to what jackie was going to do all semester. she is a great artist. the red lines that she installed in the ceiling work so well with the rest of the content. they really mark the space since there is more than one exhibit in the gallery. the hair video makes me cringe in a good way. congratulations!

  3. wow, i haven’t been disturbed like that in a while, i love it! i was scared but i couldn’t look away, i appreciate something that can do that

  4. Nice show. I thought that all your pieces that were in the resin complemented the videos well. The red string also made that finishing touch. The only thing that was a little distracting was one of the videos was at a slight angle. Congratulations.

  5. The exhibit was laid out very well. The projections fit the space really well. My favorite piece was the risen and hair piece. WMU isn’t going to be the same without Jackie…

  6. thank you everyone for your comments, i appreciate all of your viewpoints. I’m happy that my ideas came across the way i had hoped. sorry about the crooky projection; i couldn’t get the machine to adjust! technology has its vices. :)

  7. Congrats Jackie on your show. It was interesting and different. Originally had seen the video during the open house, but paired with the other pieces, it all came together really well.

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