The Corporation


This documentary charts the spectacular rise of corporations as a dramatic, pervasive presence in our lives. Filmmakers Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott present a timely, entertaining critique of global conglomerates as they chronicle the origins of corporations, as well as their inner workings, controversial impacts and possible futures. The pros and cons are weighed via interviews with social critics such as Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore.


4 thoughts on “The Corporation

  1. Pro: Because of what the corporations are doing, the harm they are causing to people and/or the earth, people are starting to see and understand this, working together and doing something about it to make a difference against the corporations. And because of this the corporations see certain concerns which people have about the environment or human rights, and threw the corporations marketing and greed, they make certain adjustments or donations in order to maintain a reputation. Though these are small steps which are motivated by the wrong reason, it is still something.

    Con: There are many cons, the main one for me is that everything which is being done by (most) corporations is motivated by the likelihood profit. Many of the people in this documentary who work for or with the corporations had reasoned that they did what they were told because it was their job. To most people their job controls or takes up the majority of the time in their life. If doing these harmful things which the people are doing is their job (which in turn gains them money) then this also means doing these harmful things is their life.

  2. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH. The nonchalant and carelessness that abounds in the corporation is much like how people’s attitudes change when they are on the Internet today. They think they are protected by being to far removed from the situation. They become anonymous by being too far removed, but they are still responsible. But the problem is – THEY DON”T CARE.

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