TateShots Issue 15 – Tony Conrad

Unprojectable: an audiovisual feast by Tony Conrad

American artist Tony Conrad employs a battery of amplified strings, film projectors, electric drills and assorted machinery to create a high-octane sonic assault. Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective is a live performance conceived specially for the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. The musicians and their unorthodox instruments are visible to the audience only as projections cast onto giant screens. TateShots was there to capture this one-off experience. more

Performed at UBS Openings: Saturday Live, 14 June 2008

TateShots presents a selection of short videos each month, with a focus on modern and contemporary art at Tate Modern – International modern and contemporary art.

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One thought on “TateShots Issue 15 – Tony Conrad

  1. Assault is a perfect word for this performance. Assault on my hearing – this was perfectly aweful. I know that we don’t need to understand everything but… I watched this video 3 times. I hated it — but it gave me chills. I would like to see it live to give it a better understanding however, I need to go no further than moving my nails across a chalkboard to get the exact same effect. How repulsive.

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