Our Daily Bread


Product Description
Welcome to the world of industrial food production and high-tech farming. To the rhythm of conveyor belts and immense machines, the film looks without commenting in the places where food is produced: monumental spaces, surreal landscapes and bizarre sounds a cool, industrial environment which leaves little space for individualism. People, animals, crops and machines play a supporting role in the logistics of this system which provides our society s standard of living. OUR DAILY BREAD is a wide-screen tableau of a feast which isn’t always easy to digest and in which we all take part. A pure, meticulous and high-end film experience that enables the audience to form their own ideas.

About the Director
Nikolaus Geyrhalter is an Austrian filmmaker born in Vienna in 1972. He has directed seven films since 1994, OUR DAILY BREAD (2005) is his fifth film. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Joris Ivens Jury Award at Amsterdam International Documentary Festival and his work has been selected at the renowned Venice and Cannes film festivals among others.


2 thoughts on “Our Daily Bread

  1. Another one that was hard to watch. It definitely gives you an insight/connection? between what ends up on our plate, and where it came from originally. Unintentionally I think, but it also made me think about the people that actually produce our food, not necessarily what they do to the animals or plants that we eat but how much they endure both mentally and physically, killing animals and knowingly spraying our crops..all because corporations told them to.

  2. This was disturbing, both in the process of our food, and in the way that the people doing it without any emotion. The development of our nations food is taking a path that may have no way back. Our demand far exceeds our limits of producing enough yield without having these types of production. I found that the root of the cause here is the mindset of the masses. And sadly, it is very hard to alter such an extensive force.

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