One thought on “Mary Vernon – BFA Exhibition

  1. Congratulations Mary!! Your videos were very insightful and I especially enjoyed how you balanced conceptual imagery with factual statements. The statements were well written and provided just enough information to really explain the videos accompanying them. I’m not sure if this was intentional, (I’m sure it was) but I really enjoyed the order in which the videos were set up. As I moved from video to video, I really felt like I was being drawn into the environmental topics, as if the broader topics really allowed me to understand the specifics of each video as I progressed towards the last one. I really like this set-up and I think it made the videos that much more impactful seeing them on separate monitors rather than looped on one dvd. All in all I felt it was a very successful video exhibit and I hope to see more like it! Congratulations on a great show!

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