A Flea Market Documentary


The American flea market is the star of this quirky documentary from filmmaker Rick Sebak, who journeys across the country to various noteworthy markets and interviews fellow bargain hunters along the way. The stops include Seattle’s Fremont Market, vintage clothing shops in New York City, Texas’s First Monday Trade Days and the staggering Highway 127 Sale, which stretches across four states for a record-breaking 450 miles. (Netflix Description)

2 thoughts on “A Flea Market Documentary

  1. I found that within this film that there is really no limit to what has value to some people. I found that everybody has something that they hold dear. Although those things are actually quite humorous, especially to be so dedicated to THAT find. One statement stood out where a woman said something along the lines of “where could you spend you whole day for free?” I laugh even as I type that statement, the answer is anywhere and everywhere…

  2. I love flea markets and have been to the one in Florida, which was awesome. This documentary was interesting and a little crazy; I didn’t realize how into flea markets people could get. Especially the people who wake up at 4am or earlier to set up their stuff or see other peoples stuff. AND! I saw someone wearing a Utilikilt at the open house after watching this.

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