John Heartfield

Adolf the Superman Swallows Gold and Spouts Junk, 17 July 1932


3 thoughts on “John Heartfield

  1. this image caught me interest. although many of us know he was cold hearted and killed many people, it was interested that the artist decided to do an xray image of him, showing his heart like that. Also all the coins, showing greed and money.

  2. This is insightful. An introspective on what we all know of Hitler, but never knowing what was truly inside of him, meaning his thoughts and feelings about what were going on at the time of his reign. We can only guess how cold he was on the inside and how money was more important than the lives of people. Either way, this photo holds a strong message.

  3. The concept behind this is very creative; even though it probably offended some viewers. The coins running down the spine really look like a spinal cord, took a second glace to realize what they actually were.

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