Stéphane Couturier

Toyota # 15, 2005
40 x 50″ C-print


6 thoughts on “Stéphane Couturier

  1. Unlike in Jeff Wall’s lightbox image, the title of this photo is very useful in understanding just what I am looking at it. Without it I would be lost. Without it I can gather that it is a factory of some sort and the words ‘chaos,’ ‘robotic,’ and ‘organized’ come to mind. However, without the title I am unsure of what type of factory it is that I am looking at. It is difficult to visually process or break down the image so it is best to just take it in as a whole. The brightness is unusual to the type of photo for usually with clutter comes a sense of darkness. In turn, however, the brightness of the image brings a sense of cleanliness to the viewer’s mind and thus allows me to think of the contemporary.

  2. I agree with Jesses’ comment, I think the title of image is very useful. Without the title i would be confused and make my own assumptions. I would not know what i am really looking at and as chaotic as the image is, The title tells us that it is a factory, it is also interesting that there are no people in this image. It makes me think that the artist is trying to say something about the economy and how machines are taking over.

  3. Normally, such a cluttered composition would bother me because it would overload my senses and make it hard for me to focus on the overall image. With this image though, I feel that the bright lighting helps to bring out accents of color within the clutter that create a place for my eyes to rest temporarily, resulting in an easier to read image.

  4. I am a huge fan of vibrant color photographs like this one. The machines and gadgets this warehouse has looks overwhelming and the photographer captured this well by having the frame totally filled with these machines. This is an interesting photo because it’s original concept and the inside of a warehouse never looked aesthetically pleasing until now.

  5. This is a truly unique photo. The vibrancy of all of the colors yet its not natural at all. My eyes can’t focus on one thing and I can’t help but try to look at all of it at once. In a good way of course.

  6. The complexity of this image makes it so engaging to the viewer. At first glace i thought with was a photo of a circut board, then a transparent view of a city roof top. I finally realized it was just a car industry. The image was very successful in making me question

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