The Opte Project

This project was started by Barrett Lyon as a response to a conversation with my colleagues. Over a lunch we were discussing William Cheswick and Hal Burch’s Internet Mapping Project. I was inspired by their beautiful maps but they did not seem to be very useful nor do they release their code freely. Their mapping also was not much of a public affair, and there reports that the images took months to make. (According to Bill Cheswick, the Internet Mapping Project runs now with 20 minute daily scans and has a much improved image creation system.) My comment during the lunch was that, “I can write a program that can map the entire net in a single day.” The comment was met with some hostility. Thus, this project was born. – Barrett Lyon

This graph (image above) is by far our most complex. It is using over 5 million edges and has an estimated 50 million hop count. We will be producing more maps like this on a dialy basis. We still have yet to fix the color system, but all in due time.

Graph Colors:
Asia Pacific – Red
Europe/Middle East/Central Asia/Africa – Green
North America – Blue
Latin American and Caribbean – Yellow
RFC1918 IP Addresses – Cyan
Unknown – White


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