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3 thoughts on “Animator-vs-Animation

  1. This is really clever. I see the play of animator vs. animation, but I also see a play within technology. I see a drama between the technological as an instrument or as a machine that responds to commands, represented in this case as the cursor, versus how the technological seems to have a volition all it’s own, represented by the free will of the stick-person. The incorporation of the various tools, signs and instruments from the flash program into the performance or action between the cursor and the stick-person suggests a context. Computers seem to always “act up” on us. I’ve often experienced my computer acting in a way I don’t want it to. The evolution of computers suggests its acting much like the stick-person, if not at the present then soon, if not in fantasy, movie or novel, perhaps in this century. I’m not sure the artist was thinking philosophical sci-fi when they created this piece. I am reading into this piece and my interest has responded to it because of its cleverness. [ ? ]

  2. I love this, it perfectly describes how frustrating technology can be, yet portrays it in funny way. The way the animation fights back with the tules in flash is very clever.

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