Amelia Winger-Bearskin | 11.14 – 11.30.2011

Amelia Winger-Bearskin’s new video, “Creation Story” retells the Iroquois creation myth at the same time deconstructing the art of storytelling and the importance of myth in shaping what is to come. A conversation between Amelia and fellow artist Wendy Red Star was the beginning of “Creation Story.” Wendy’s costumes and photographs served as the artistic direction of a story that Amelia had been working out in various other iterations over the last few years. Wendy Red Star’s magical costumes are what happen when the height of Motown glam meets Crow Indian Pow-Wow costumes.

Winger-Bearskin’s Statement about “Creation Story”

“It is my great great grand son who is taught to believe in myth and Science, in heaven and hell. He will explore the stars and look for the places that the past has spoken about: the dancers who make constellations, the turtle’s back, the 7 day miracle, he will wonder about science in hushed places in his mind. In the heavens of our imagination the children of the future are waiting for the beginning Of the world.”

Atrium Gallery – Western Michigan University


Amelia Winger-Bearskin is currently an Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Vanderbilt University in the area of Video and Performance Art, in Nashville, Tn. She was classically trained as an Opera Singer in Rochester NY at the Eastman conservatory of music, and then finished her Undergraduate degree at George Mason University in 2000. While at GMU she studied sculpture and time based art and received her BAIS in Performance Art. She went on to do her MFA in Transmedia (time based art) at University of Texas at Austin in 2008. She was in the group show Art in the Age of the Internet at the Chelsea Art Museum in 2007 and was a featured video and performance artist at Basel in Miami, Scope at the Lincoln Center and other art fairs consistently since 2007 as an artist at large for the perpetual art machine [PAM]. She has been focusing her performances primarily on Asian performance festivals this year as she finds that regionally Asia has created a unique method of support for Performance Art, she has performed at the 10th Annual OPEN ART Performance Art festival in Beijing, China, The Performance Art Network PANAsia ’09 in Seoul, South Korea, the TAMA TUPADA 2010 Media and Performance festival in the Philippines and and she just returned from a month in Sao Paulo Brazil where she performed as the first American performance artist to be invited to the Verbo Performance Art Festival and was part of an international scholar exchange sponsored by University of Sao Paulo and Vanderbilt University VIO and Art Department. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Art Art Zine a new online publication of art and society for the South and the Director of the Women’s Art League of Tennessee (W.A.L)


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