The End of Suburbia


This provocative documentary, a regular on the film-festival circuit, examines the history of suburban life and the wisdom of this distinctly American way of life. A post-World War II concept, suburbia attracted droves of people, giving rise to sprawl and all that comes with it — good and bad. How has the environment been affected by this lifestyle, and is it sustainable? Canadian director Gregory Greene dares to ask all the tough questions.


9 thoughts on “The End of Suburbia

  1. I knew about the oil crisis from my environment classes. I know about how we became dependent upon oil. But I think the suburbs will be the places that come out with the solution. (Not by hiring politicians) But there will be alternative methods of providing power. Solar panels, wind turbines, common transportation. They are becoming cheaper. Politicians will continue to fight over oil. We need to do what we can to remove our dependancy on it. We will never rid ourselves of our need, but we can regulate it.

  2. thanks for watching our doc, The END of SUBURBIA. we have just released the follow-up film, ESCAPE From SUBURBIA and are gearing up for the final film in the trilogy, EVOLUTION SUBURBIA.

    cheers from canada~

    greg greene

  3. The sad thing about all of this is that the majority of Americans are not aware of this problem, people need first to understand that the supply of oil is running out, before they will be motivated to search for other energy sources.

  4. self sufficiency will become more valuable as time progresses. i think things will have to get really bad in the U.S. before people realize there is a problem. however, after disaster comes innovation and improvement. we are coming upon hard times, but if we make it through, we will be better then before.

  5. I agree with Jackie. Things will have to get really bad before they get better, darkest before the dawn and all that. I feel like a bit of a sadist for saying that I’m intrigued to see HOW bad it will get. I think from a perspective of studying humanity it will be really interesting.

  6. this made me really think about my summer job as a construction worker and how the company year after year has 4-5 houses built every year and these are houses out in mattawan 30 minutes from the nearest meijers. i want to know if any of these people moving out to the suburbs are thinking about the gas issues

  7. This documentary really made me re-evaluate how I choose to live my life and how dependent I am on oil as the rest of our country is. I feel this documentary was somewhat one-sided, however, and I don’t think the other opinions on the oil depletion were explored as thoroughly. I spoke with one of my professors about the subject and he had a counter argument for every argument presented in the video on the topic. One thing that he pointed out was the argument between scientists over whether or not oil will actually run out, which is basically the main point of the documentary. I think the arguments in the documentary had a lot of factual basis but I don’t think I can make a strong conclusion based on the fact that the other opinions on oil depletion were not investigated.

  8. Here in Michigan, we can definitely appreciate the utter decrepit state of our highway systems. Who hasn’t all but busted their car’s rims on a giant pothole that never should have been allowed to form in the first place.

    I found some of the solutions the most intriguing of this movie. The re-urbanization projects probably the most. I’ve already seen many such projects in the works, in places like Grand Rapids MI, where developers are combining stylized homes and integrating them with small shops and places to eat.

  9. Right on with the trilogy; ESCAPE FROM SUBURBIA and EVOLUTION SUBURBIA is exactly what people need to open their eyes to. Deceit is in the air and its time to ESCAPE FROM THIS SYSTEM with REVOLUTION worldwide. Strength in numbers.

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