Teenage Paparazzo

Shot by actor/filmmaker Adrian Grenier (Vince in HBO’s Entourage), this 95-minute feature documentary is an exploration of the tenuous relationship between celebrities and the people who make a living selling their images. After a chance encounter with a 13-year-old paparazzo, Austin Visschedyk, Grenier takes a step back to think about the celebrity- obsessed culture that has produced the boy. Adrian starts hanging out with the young photographer, learning the tricks of the trade, as well as what made the precocious teen want to spend his free time running around looking for celebrities and trying to get that “perfect shot.”


One thought on “Teenage Paparazzo

  1. This shocking documentary follows the teenage paparazzi who personally I wouldn’t even consider a teenager. This new generation on paparazzi is fierce and out to be on top. Austin stays out later then most 20 year olds and has the support of his mother. He runs the streets of LA following celebrities to take their pictures. It isn’t until Adrian sheds some light on how it feels to be on the other side of the camera lens that Austin begins to understand celebrities resentment towards paparazzi. This is an interesting, “behind the scenes” look at only a part of the newer generation of photographers, and their relationship to what they are shooting.

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