Stephanie Lempert

© Stephanie Lempert

Language of Space Series, Forsythe and Grand,
December 18, 2006, 2:10pm-2:40pm

Archival Inkjet Print, 30” x 20”; 2007

Conversation surrounds us as we travel through this city. The Language of Space Series is a series of photographs illustrating the conversations being spoken in different areas of New York. I photographed a location and recorded the conversations being spoken in that area during a certain amount of time. I then transcribed these spoken words and extracted the text from the photograph. The remaining image allows you to see the space and read parts of the conversations spoken within the space.



11 thoughts on “Stephanie Lempert

  1. i saw images like this at the annual art festival in bolognia, italy. only there was a slight twist, they were calendar plages cut out of porn magazines. a little different, but i think this is a very interesting way to work and there are many possibilities in the future.

  2. Absolutely Stunning! At first the full image almost looked like a Scratched image with all the white space. Then when I saw that it was text I was blown away. This was a great idea.

  3. great concept using positive and negitive space to define the image. I wonder what other works could be created using this concept.

  4. Just as Todd stated, the positive and negative space used with type defines this image well. As I’m looking closer at the detail, I wish that the space in between the letter forms was [paper]. The concept of the letter forms acting as pixels to make up the image would seem to be one more thing to ponder. However, this is still a wonderful image.

  5. I like the idea behind these photographs, it’s catchy. I think the overwhelm of words, amassing a similar amount of space as the image itself, really communicates well, the feeling of New York city. Everywhere you turn, there are people surrounding you. Everything about the experience is “surrounded”. Lempert’s photos express this feeling well.

    I do however think, that the images would be much more interesting if the text was easier to read. If whole conversations could be pulled from the photographs, comparisons between areas and types of conversations held could be made. I believe this would add another layer of depth and meaning to the images and body of work as a whole.

  6. I think this concept of photographing and recording conversations in a space is a very good one. These are two ways of describing the space: an actual visual of the space and a documentation of the conversations had there. I don’t really like how it is combined though. I think a less abstract way of presenting these two elements together may have more effectively characterized the environment. I really want to be able to read the conversations and see the image.

  7. I am really drawn to these images for that fact that they have more then one way to look at the images and the meanings behind each view. While from a distance they can look like a complete image. Though when you get up close you can see the small details and the words being created by the negative space. By doing it this way it give a lot of movement to a other wise fairly mundane and casual image.

  8. I like these images a lot. Since the image is being shown in the space provided by the letters it seems that the conversation is what creates active space. I also like how the conversations are hard to read, as they are hard to hear when eavesdropping.

  9. being a graphic designer, I enjoy seeing text-oriented images. The type throughout the image gives it a texture and busy feeeling.

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