Oliver Herring

Chris After Hours of Spitting Food Dye Outdoors, 2004
c-print, 41 1/2 x 62 1/2 inches Framed, Edition of 5


10 thoughts on “Oliver Herring

  1. The series is very impressive. The large prints give you a intimate view with the subjects. The colors accent key features of each person. I really enjoy this work.

  2. The way Herring photographed the people in this series reminds me of war pictures of soldiers covered in blood/dirt with the direct, confident gaze so i was surprised to find out it was just food coloring….very ironic

  3. Was this done for a shoot? Was something else going on and he was just captured this way? It is powerfull either way!

  4. I absolutely love this photo. I am very interested in portraiture, and how to make portraits more interesting. This is a beautiful photograph, not only for its aesthetics, but also its idea. I enjoy messy and different, and photographs with deeper meaning.

  5. i look at this series and i just think who would want to pose for this? i can’t imagine how the artist would go about spitting food coloring onto people for hours. how strange of a process and interaction that would be. i don’t know if i could actually physically do that to another person, just out of common courtesy. this photo makes me uneasy and the expression on the model’s face is exhausting for me to look at.

  6. I like how raw the expression is in this photo and the emotion that is underneath. It does have a feel of a war photo of a soldier as someone had posted above. The color of the food coloring also highlights his features and makes them stand out.

  7. the guy in the image, a major in the US air force, spat food dye onto himself. Meanwhile I gave directions and took images. This went on for many hours until the participant was too cold and exhausted. The image above was taken towards the end of the session.

  8. Conceptually as an artist I am drawn to this image. I love the contrast differentiating between the blues and greens. His blue eyes pull you in at first glance, and draw you back out over the image through the color palette. From lightness to darkness, and subject positioning this is a great image.

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