The name Tomas Saraceno should be known since his utopic installation ‘Cloud Cities’ last year. With his work the argentine artist goes beyond the traditional conceptions of place, time, gravity and our familiar notions of architecture. Saraceno is an artist and architect whos visions for cities floating in the air has led him to create a series of experimental structures such as balloons or inflatable modular platforms that can be inhabited and exploit natural energies. Any of his objects is an invitation to think about alternative knowledge, about emotions and the interaction with others. They invite you to participate like ‘Poetic Cosmos of the Breath’, an experimental solar dome, which was part of ‘The Arts Catalyst’s’ 2nd International Artists Airshow. At dawn, crowds formed around a giant and colorful, circular foil, pinned to the ground at the edges with sand bags. Throughout the morning, the artist and his team gradually filled the foil with air and visitors could walk through this stunning colored wonderland, which is just magical, unique and full of positive energy. A witness to the event said, ‘Slowly we helped the giant fill with air and grow as the sun came up…the material spectacularly colourful as the sun reflected off it.’




  1. i really like this shot a lot. the colors caught my eye and drew me in. the composition worked out great, i like where the person is standing in this. it really shows the size of the area they are in. good work!

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