James Nizam

Anteroom (Winterscape in Room), 2007
lightjet print, edition of 5, 24″ x 36″

James Nizam


8 thoughts on “James Nizam

  1. This image is interesting in that it plays with various laws and norms therefore making the viewer feel almost awkward in their own normal setting. The first cause for this awkwardness of normalcy is that it brings the outside inside. Is the outside image a projected photo of the house this room is located in? Is it a projected reflection of the house across the street? How is it being projected inside? Why this image? A second cause for the awkwardness is the fact that the image is flipped upside down. I feel that it is somehow trying to portray the idea of upside down, inside out. However, in this case it would be upside down, outside in. In essence it just goes to show you that photographs do not have to in anyway conform to the norm.

  2. This image is disorienting. I’m not exactly sure what to look at. The image that is projected on the wall is upside down or is the whole image flipped? The door seems to open the wrong way, yet their are things on the floor.

  3. I always wonder how difficult it would be to flip the image, it happens in cameras quite easily. I under stand it in a photographic purest way. But i would really like to see what happens with a lens and the appropriate configuration of mirrors to flip the image.

  4. This image is visually interesting because of the push and pull of the two conflicting images. I think this idea is interesting to combine interior spaces with exterior spaces.

  5. This photo is disorienting yet intriguing at the same time. I enjoy how Nizam projects an exterior image, within an interior space. I continue to observe the photo, attempting to figure out where walls meet other walls, and where they meet the ceiling. The picture that is projected makes it difficult to view the interior space, while the interior space makes is difficult to properly view the photo.

  6. i think that this was genius; for someone to visibly glue inkjet pictures within a space upside down is so totally left field. When most people view photographs its in a somewhat traditional sense, the right way. not upside down or enlarged upside down on the ceilings and walls. it would be interesting to do this type of installation in a dark room with lighting( from real life projected).

  7. This is an example of great thought provoking art. I enjoy this piece a lot because it makes you stop and look and appreciate.

  8. This image tricked me! It reminds me of a photo i accidentally took upside down on a vacation. You did good placing the projected image into the space, using the dark crevices for dark areas in the photo.

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