Doug Aitken



4 thoughts on “Doug Aitken

  1. So this is what things would look like if we drove on air…

    This image is a technical success, though I wonder if more could be done to improve its conceptual aspect; birds flying on the ground, politicians flying in the air, etc…

  2. Looking at different objects or scenes in a way that people don’t normally see is very visually appealing, but with this image, other than being a nice photograph, it still makes the viewer think about where and why about everything in the frame.

  3. when i first saw this image i got dizzy. I like how the artist decided to turn the image upside down although i dont know what he/she are trying to say. It looks like an abandoned car in an abandoned area.

  4. This photo confused me at first. It took me a second to figure out what was happening in the image. Great accomplishment in reversing the image. works well to draw in the audience for a closer look.

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