David Byrne

Installation view – Playing the Building, Battery Maritime Building, New York, NY, 2008

Creative Time presents Playing the building, a sound installation in which the infrastructure, the physical plant of the building, is converted into a giant musical instrument. Devices are attached to the building structure — to the metal beams and pillars, the heating pipes, the water pipes — and are used to make these things produce sound. The activations are of three types: wind, vibration, striking. The devices do not produce sound themselves, but they cause the building elements to vibrate, resonate and oscillate so that the building itself becomes a very large musical instrument.

more info here


2 thoughts on “David Byrne

  1. I wish I could see it in person! I love the concept and the multi-sensory approach. The story is also very interesting.

  2. Insane. Musical instruments are magical in themselves, but making a building into one large instrument is monumental. I think this is a great idea that they can expand on and play with for a really long time. I also think its really creative that the building can make music in so many different ways, through just wind blowing through, to striking like a drum, and vibration.

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