Mary Ellen Mark




One thought on “Mary Ellen Mark

  1. Relational. In relation. What makes these two images engaging is the implied questions in the implied relationships.

    Why is the man a costumed Santa? Does he need the odd job? Is he really the deepest representation of the needy, as opposed to the “winter cheer” he is ringing in with his bell? (I think there is a bell in the far corner of the frame?) Or is he a volunteer of means? The way he looks at the camera lens is an expression that he knows he is being seen not as a character, but rather as a person.

    The patterns of the dress of the subject in the bottom photo, echo the cavernous building patterns behind. The “dutch angle” of the camera or dramatic diagonal POV coupled the angles of the person’s body are contrasted sharply with the way the subject’s eyes look off camera. The disconnect of the vibrant pattens of the American flag that the subject in the foreground is wearing, the patterns of the architecture find relief in the sliver of sky with cloud cutting through the composition. The subject is both connected to the city and also separate.

    Thank you for “picking these images”.

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