Vide-Uhhh! • Jesse England

A VCR holds on in the face of adversity.

Produced using a VHS VCR and a digital camcorder, Vide-Uhhh! is an exploration into the use of VHS as a recording medium with a degraded but desirable image, much like hand-processed Super8 film or PXL2000 video.

As the usage of movie film declines, the “film look” of wiggly, vibrating scratch lines and film grain is replaced with the rolling horizontal bars and multicolored blotches of old video. The current generation of young adults probably grew up with video, removing the nostalgic feeling from watching chemical film.

On another level, Vide-Uhhh! was an experiment to “scratch”video much like one can scratch the emulsion of waste 16mm film. Experiments with magnets on prerecorded tape were conducted, but the magnets could not produce visually compelling interference. The best results came from altering video by physical force as the content was being recorded; in this case it was a live image of the VCR itself, provided by a video camera.


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