Chinese creative agency

A giant canvas becomes both a work of art and a physical reminder of the impact our actions have on the environment.

Chinese creative agency, DDB, created this effective campaign to draw awareness to our carbon footprint and encourage people to use their two pins instead of wheels with motors. Creative Jody Xiong was the driving force behind DDB’s project which took their campaign to the street. Conducted on seven busy pedestrian crossings in downtown Shanghai, DDB’s campaign for China Environmental Protection Foundation engaged the public with a monumental white canvas bearing a leafless tree, with two giant ‘stamp pads’ filled with green, environmentally friendly, washable, quick drying paint on either side of the crossing. As each pedestrian traversed the street, their footprints created leaves on the bare tree, a symbol of their individual contribution to cutting down on carbon emissions made by the 500 million cars China has put on the roads. Initially carried out in seven of Shanghai’s main streets it was then rolled out on 132 roads in 15 cities across the nation.

Designed to encourage people to walk instead of drive, creative agency DDB, engages the public

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