Christian Hopkins





What does severe depression look like in photographs? The work of photographer Christian Hopkins may offer a clue. The 20-year-old photographer has been battling Major Depression (AKA clinical depression) for the past four years, and many of his photographs are a reflection of the dark thoughts and feelings swirling around in his mind.

Hopkins is currently registered as a freshman studying biochemistry in college, but has been taking a medical leave of absence in order to deal with his depression.

One year into his struggles, Hopkins picked up camera in order to use photography as a way to cope. He has been doing photography on and off since then.

“I was never all that good with words. That why I take pictures,” he tells us.

Hopkins has never taken a photography class in his life, and his photographs are simply a medium through which he can express himself. “This is just a hobby. A camera, a body, and a mind. Nothing else,” he says.


One thought on “Christian Hopkins

  1. I really enjoy these photos. I get a sense of what it’s like to live with depression. I think that the best sense I get of depression is the second photo, I can really get the feeling of something else besides him there that he has to carry around. Great photos for someone that’s never taken a photo class.

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