Peter Happel Christian


Black Holes & Blind Spots
2010 – ongoing

Inspired by the ideas of American Transcendentalism, I photograph non-descript situations that make me pause and consider the varied relationships people have with the natural world. I wonder if it is possible to have a transcendental experience in a residential landscape with my camera, far from the ideal, traditional places of the sublime. Black spots are digitally applied to each image to characterize how I am compelled to photograph such situations, pulled in to the subject matter like the gravity of a black hole. Conversely, the black spots partially disguise each image, disrupting the viewer’s field of vision and negating the photograph’s function as an effective communication tool.


One thought on “Peter Happel Christian

  1. There’s something ironically interesting about slapping a black circle on a photograph and calling it a day.

    It’s almost like the image is so simple, my mind attempts to create a story for the photograph. Reading the description for the photo, I was intrigued to find that this was in fact Peter’s goal. By implementing the black hole, it’s negating the photo’s main objective: to communicate. And if the photo can’t communicate, the viewer attempts to make up for it by creating some form of communication itself.

    You could look at the photo’s black holes as the camera lens; perhaps the photographer’s view is subjected only to what the black hole is covering, thus he is missing all the natural beauty that is around him because he is so narrowly focused on what is within the circle. Or maybe my mind is making these things up for him. :)

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