Lori Nix

Image Credit: Insecta Magnifica – Wasps; © Lori Nix



4 thoughts on “Lori Nix

  1. i’m so happy i had the opportunity to see lori speak at SPE. it the best lecture in my opinion and a good example of a successful artist lecture as a student. not only did she illuminate her true intentions with her work, but you could see her personality and how that plays into and comes out in her work. her use of irony and humor in her approach to making photographs reminded me what it’s all about as an imagemaker. for this particular image i remember her talking about buying wasps over the internet and trying to keep them together while building this set. i’ll always have that memory associated with her work, and i can’t wait to see what she does in the future.

  2. Lori’s work is very interesting. She puts so much time into all of her work. Its such an interesting way to create a photograph. I like the depth of field she uses in this this photograph.

  3. I like the way that Nix constructs her images, for the reason that they have an artificiality that somehow mirrors, or maybe represents, what our world has evolved into. Everything seems to have become, in a sense, plastic in nature…who cares if it looks artificial, as long as it looks pretty. Now I wish I would have been able to meet Lori at SPE.

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