Grace Weston

Couples Therapy


10 thoughts on “Grace Weston

  1. This photo is very interesting in that it represents life at face value. The interpretation here is for the most part universal. When taking in the full effect of the image it becomes very apparent that the heart and mind are in couples therapy with the eye representing the therapist (all seeing eye), the heart represents the female, and the mind represents the male. The heart, like the stereotypical woman, is full of emotion and thus a wadded up tissue is placed next to it/her. The mind is the more masculine part of the body and is not clouded by emotion. To me this would be the most obvious interpretation when first viewing this image given the title. Another interpretation could be that it represents the resolution of an inner conflict between the heart and the mind, two powerful parts of the body that control our actions and that usually do not agree with one another. Whatever the artist’s intentions, the image uses very clever techniques to tell a common story.

  2. This is a very interesting piece. I love that she doesn’t try to make anything seem realistic, and it is more about the meaning behind the objects that she chooses to bring together and photograph.

  3. I really like the way Weston constructs her images. Her use of odd subject matter and humor make this image extremely refreshing to view in comparison to the usual serious or heavy subject matter that many other photographers employ.

  4. This image is one of my favorites because I have been there before and we all struggle with our minds and hearts going in different directions. It’s nice to see that Grace Weston portrayed it in such a humorous way because it can be such a touchy subject.

  5. I think this piece is constructed really well. I feel as tough seeing how non realistic the imagery is, it is showing non serious view of therapy. Maybe it showing that therapy is a fake way of fixing thing.

  6. I like the clever meaning in this photograph. It is so simple, yet cleverly thought out and it holds a certain sense of humor, but a meaning that almost everyone can relate to.

  7. Very clever. I enjoy the simplistic visual keys on who the woman is and who the man is. I love that the doctor is the seeing eye. which is interesting considering his job is to LISTEN to their problems.

  8. The photo is relatable to something that a lot of people have gone through in relationships. The symbolism is great in this. The eye, maybe symbolism for the only person that really sees what’s going on. The brain, maybe symbolism for going through with something after thinking about it. The heart might be symbolism for doing something with a gut feeling.

  9. I like how you were able to boil down what would usually be 3 people into 3 objects. Reducing them to their own way of thinking and still being able to show the tension of the conversation that they would be having.

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