Dimitris Makrygiannakis

Dimitris M. Photo 1

Dimitris M. Photo 2

Dimitris M. Photo 3

Dimitris Makrygiannakis is a Greek street photographer (and professional doctor) who lives in Sweden, but has mainly shot in India and other “non-Western” countries because these places have better settings for him.

I’ve recently changed the “circle” on my idea maps from “Exclave” to “Self-Discovery.” As I am progressing with nailing my certain subject, I am still definite on the genre of photography I would like to capture (and which I personally admire): street photography; surrealism.

So, Dimitris is one who relates to my intended approach because he captures reality, but still composes it in a surrealistic way in some cases. This is what I want to achieve. In my chosen book, I essentially want to capture the realities of the Exclave,but the supernatural essence of the main character and prose within this reality. Ultimately, the idea is capturing “reality” itself (specifically, “the struggle”) and combining supernatural or surrealistic qualities that transcend such a realm of being, which questions the dynamics of such a universe.



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