Yoav Friedländer




A Form Of View | Yoav Friedländer

As an Israeli my perception is chaotic; composed of mediated American culture, desert landscapes of childhood, and war, which became integral in my life. I was trained to see and understand the world through photographs. The motivation for this visual exploration is the strong influence American culture, specifically in the form of photography, had and still has on my Israeli origins.

Photography visually mapped reality since it started; a broken promise that we’ve made to ourselves by looking up to the medium as a neutral reflection of what visibly exists. Many of our understandings of reality, are being described by photographs and have never being experienced by us in person. Photographs have set the expectations for things we might experience in the future; at times we find ourselves considering what is real to be different from how it should be according to its own image.

My work is a conjunction between Israel and America. It focuses on similarities and differences between two different cultures and sets of geographical locations seen through my perspective as an “Americanized Israeli”.

I base my thesis on the recognition that our world is informed by images. Photographs represent and replace experiences, memories, landscapes and objects. Our past still exists in the form of photographs, and we will move on to a future which be is based on those photographs and the context through which we interpret them. Since the invention of the photograph, reality has become augmented by its own image. I am focusing my work at that point of friction.



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