Robert Adams says, “At our best and most fortunate we make pictures because of what stands before our camera, to honor what is greater and more interesting than we are.”

Whenever I photograph, the detail of a scene attracts me to a subject and helps me locate within it the core of experience, evoking the mystery and drama of its light and inherent beauty. That beauty can be provocative and demanding, requiring one to see it all while at the same time loosening emotion and retaining control.

I thus seek those still moments in what is generally thought to be a frenetic environment – that leave a memory shadowed with intent to re-explore; that inspire a curiosity of what remains. Not memento mori. Rather past, present, and future as they exist to be seen and experienced today.  My search is for that iconic element of ordinary experience – a presence – that defines the whole.
“About” best describes a specific portfolio. With respect to FINDING CHINATOWN, here is only a small selection from the decade-long project. Please contact me should you wish to see more.


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