Chilean photographer and video artist, Daniela Contreras uses found photographs to explore the ideas of fragility of the memory, imagery where art and photography collide, and seeing and constructing the past and present with her two series, Desaparecidas and Identidades.

Danilea studied Professional Photography in Institute Professional of Art and Comunication-ARCOS in Santiago of Chile and she received her BA degree in Documentary Cinema from the Chile Film School, where she created the documentary, My plebeian blood also it dyes of red and was awarded Best Documentary Prize in FEMCINE FESTIVAL (Santiago of Chile) and the Jury Special Prize in DIVA FILM FESTIVAL (Valparaíso, Chile) in 2011. Also, it was showed in Cuba, Spain and other countries.

In 2013, her project, Classe Touriste, was selected for the Second Antology of the Chilean Young Photography and it will show in the exhibition, Filiations, (curator: Viviana Brodsky) in Art Contemporary Museum-MAC of Santiago of Chile (October-November, 2013). Her video-essay, 32º south – 73º west, received a grant from the Art Fund of The National Council for Culture and the Arts (CNCA) and a grant for the Master of Visual Antropology at Barcelona University of Audiovisual Fund of CNCA. At present, she is part of photography and genre collective, Paper Photographers women, and co-publisher of the fanzine Contextualized Photography in Barcelona, Spain.



Desaparecidas and Identidades

Making photography nowadays is a bet on the impure, on the contaminated formats and on those mixed zones: where the art fields negotiate their borders. That’s why, I’m interested in developing different kind of projects (audiovisuals, photographic and in visual arts) to ask myself about the present and the past, to question me the collective memory and the identity problem, and at the subject that produces. In this sense, working with photographic and visual materials of other people together with mine; is an attractive way to compare distinct forms of seeing and constructing, visually, the world and the reality. Across these confrontations I search to generate a critic narration, new significances and images for a present in constant transformation. For example, «Identities» is a reflection about family photographic portraits as a process of objectification of the memory and the identity that, through censorship of the face (identity), the work prevents that the photographies befalls as family memory and deconstructs their symbolic condition.



2 thoughts on “DANIELA CONTRERAS

  1. I love the gritty feel to this. It feels like (and may be) a polaroid, given the border and finish, and I think that only adds to its beauty. Her clothing is subtle, and the colors are subdued in contrast to this bright, fire resembling burn and it makes something we don’t see, that could be happening at any given moment, scream at us. It says a lot, and can be interpreted a number of ways, but the execution is simple and lovely.

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