George Metaxas

George Metaxas attended California Institute of the Arts in their Masters of Experimental Animation for his first animation, The Blank Page. Metaxas initially started out as an architect, but left his job to complete his first animation. Although he enjoyed architecture he has said, “…the way animation can capture life and movement intrigues me far more.” He learned about stop motion and completed his first animation in his bedroom, completely from cardboard.

He claims to be inspired by Dave Avanzino and Looney Tunes, particularly the shorts by Chuck Jones. Dave Avanzino is a fine artist in Disney and his works range from drawings to sculpture to production designer. Avanzino’s use of shadows and layering give his works a level of depth that Metaxas has replicated in his stop motion animations that draw you in further. In regards to Chuck Jones, Metaxas admires his storytelling. Although you could predict the ending, Jones would throw twists and turns but still stay true to the characters, keeping you entertained the entire time.

Again, Metaxas shows off his mastering over cardboard and brings us a silly story of space and survival. Here he’s gained more experience and pushed the depth and complexity of what’s going on. We get to know these characters as he introduces them, just by what he’s included. Jemima for example, we see all her belongings cluttered about her room and yet she has countless bags just sitting on a rug. The amount of things she has in her room can lead us to believe those are already packed as well.

-Erin Ford, ART2750: Video Art


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