Maud Fernhout

Job (18) For me, crying is not showing your weakness. When I cry, I can accept my feelings and I’m able to continue. It makes me stronger.

Jip (20) Emotional crying is one of the few things that differentiate us from animals. Ironically, so is the urge to suppress our nature because of social constructs.

Aditya (19) I used to see myself as strong because I did not cry; now I feel weak because I cannot cry.


3 thoughts on “Maud Fernhout

  1. For me, after I cry, I automatically feel better. This reminds me of that, and I really appreciate your attention to the male figure showing this kind of emotion. This breaks the stereotype that “men shouldn’t cry or show emotion” and I think it’s very innovative.

  2. I really connect with these images and the message it sends to the viewer. It explores the reality that I have been trying to accept recently and i think it does a good job.

  3. These photos are a strong reminder that we should break barrier and tell boys and men, it is okay to cry. I would love to see these prints large to see every tear and wrinkle on their face.

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