The Final Cut, 2004


Plot Synopsis: The story is set in a world where implanted microchips can record all moments of an individual’s life. The chips are removed upon death so the images can be edited into something of a highlight reel for loved ones who want to remember the deceased. Caviezel portrays the leader of the organization that opposes this technology’s development.

The Final Cut is a film written and directed by Omar Naim, released in 2004. The cast includes Robin Williams, James Caviezel, Mira Sorvino and Genevieve Buechner. It was produced by the Canadian production company, Lions Gate Films. The film featured original music by Brian Tyler. The story takes place in an alternate reality in which every moment of people’s lives are recorded by “Zoe Implants”, so that they may be viewed by loved ones after one’s death. The plot centers on Alan Hakman (Williams), a cutter, whose job it is to edit the Zoe footage into a feature-film length piece, called a “Rememory”.

The Final Cut is about subjectivity, memory and history; posing the question, “If history is what is written and remembered, then what happens when memories are edited and rewritten?” The movie also brings up the problem of infringement of privacy, and can be seen as mirroring the loss of privacy in today’s society. The film won the award for best screenplay at the Deauville Film Festival and was nominated for best film at the Catalonian International Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival.


6 thoughts on “The Final Cut, 2004

  1. unfortunately I do not believe this film’s script and directing was as stellar as the idea and the cast. Very interesting though. I think it may be better as a novel.

  2. As Robin Williams get older he gets less funny (ie RV) and better at being really creepy (ie One Hour Photo). I honestly can’t even see him in a movie anymore without sensing a darkness that I really lent itself to this movie, although- like Heather said- it could have been better. The flow of the plot felt rushed.

  3. I agree with Heather and Adrienne, the movie could have been better. However aside from the technical aspects the movie drew me in and I wanted to know more. The Final Cut proposes many ideas that I have thought about in the past and since watching the film have thought about them a lot more. More often than not we remember events, things, people or relationships the way we want to remember them or perceived them at the time, but is that really the reality? By doing this, is it helping or hurting you or other people? Lastly, if everything we did was being recorded or watched would that change who we are as a person? The plot is very deep and interesting. Maybe it may not be the best situation to talk on a blog but it defiantly gives you something to think about.

  4. It is a weird concept to know that someone when you die will be looking at all the dark secrets in your life and analyzing who you will from then on be remembered as. Thinking about what images would you want displayed as opposed to someone else and how they perceived you. And an interesting concept that the movie only touches on is the idea that if you knew someone was going to be watching would you change who you are to be seen as more generous or kind, in essence a better person. I also agree that the film could have been paced better but there was a lot of potential that although not great made for an interesting film.

  5. I very much liked and disliked this movie. From the opening scene where Robin Williams character delves into the secret lives of others, long after they are dead. To rediscovering his own (or so he thought) dark past, the movie definitely keeps you guessing. While the plot itself may not have been that original (conspiracy theorists, dark plots, renegades, and invasion of privacy) it definitely made you think.

  6. I am relived that reality and fiction will never meet. Can you imagine having some one see every embarrassing moment of you life. NO THANKS! This movie is one of the greats; great music, great acting performances and great story. While it is an appealing idea of recorded memory the only disappointing thing is they don’t go in to the background as much as I would have liked. Robin Williams is “the man”, through and through. I’m glad we really do not live for the Cliff notes video of our own lives.

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