Li Gang


Li Gang was born in Beijing in 1967. Most of his professional artistic training occurred in the cities of Perth and Melbourne, Australia, where he attended the Claremont School of Art and the Victorian College of the Arts. After his schooling, Li Gang returned to Beijing to work. Though he was trained in painting, his work moves fluidly across all media—painting, photography, sculpture, video, and installation. His work addresses the rapid changes occurring in his hometown of Beijing as high rises replace hutongs, cars replace bicycles, and the city expands tirelessly. Like many others, Li Gang has watched his beloved Beijing face many problems as it transforms, and his art helps to expose the environmental and social repercussions of this expansion. In response, his work seeks “to express the condition of people living amidst the tremendous change in contemporary life: over-stimulation, the uncertainty of the future, inter-personal conflict, and the conflicts between man and himself, the soul and the physical body, man and his environment, and the material and the spiritual.” His work has been shown across China, Australia, and parts of Europe, including the Monash Gallery of Art, 798’s Red Gate Gallery, Color Elefante Gallery, and the Chinese European Art Center. In addition to shows, Li Gang has been invited to be an artist in residence in Korea, Spain, and Austria. Li Gang’s work can be found in collections across China, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the USA, Malaysia, Korea, France, Italy, and Spain.


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