Meet The Family: A Series Of Altered Cabinet Cards From 1900s



Cabinet cards are early photos from 1900 or so. Each photo is hand painted with acrylic paint to create a whole new image. In 2014, 100 images were painted and featured in a show called “Meet the family” by Colin Batty at the Peculiarium in Portland Oregon. The show was then turned into a book of the 100 images by the same name.

The fun comes from the challenge of creating an illusion that perhaps elicits a double take by the viewer. Taking something lost to history, such as a faded and aged boring photo 100 years old or older, a dull image, the average person wouldn’t really even glance at, and then to be able to revitalize it and add absurd elements to create a true amalgam of the past and the future is gratifying. Taking something banal and adding unusual elements to create a 3rd version is a pleasing activity to perform and is recommended.


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