Plot Synopsis: Leonard (Guy Pearce) is an insurance investigator whose memory has been damaged following a head injury he sustained after intervening on his wife’s murder. His quality of life has been severely hampered after this event, and he can now only live a comprehendable life by tattooing notes on himself and taking pictures of things with a Polaroid camera. The movie is told in forward flashes of events that are to come that compensate for his unreliable memory, during which he has liaisons with various complex characters. Leonard badly wants revenge for his wife’s murder, but, as numerous characters explain, there may be little point if he won’t remember it in order to provide closure for him. The movie veers between these future occurrences and a telephone conversation Leonard is having in his motel room in which he compares his current state to that of a client whose claim he once dealt with.


14 thoughts on “Memento

  1. I thought the film was well thought out; complex story line in orchastration, but when you get down to the bones of it all, it is actually all pretty simple. There was a great use of ‘effects’ such as the black and white to indicate a certain past and the clever opening scene played backwards. I think the director utilized some pretty basic video effects while not over-doing it and using them to their advantage.

  2. Memento was a pretty decent movie, although I found it to be quite confusing going back and forth from the past back to the present again. Having gone from the past back to the present, I do think that the film was very well thought out!

  3. the first time i saw this film i was really atracted to the sequenceing of it all and the changes from past to present but then i bought it and watched it a second time and its a hard movie to sit through after you know the twist.

  4. I agree with the last comment. The first time I saw this movie I thought it was very good…the cuts were confusing at times, but for the most part you could put the pieces back together…caused for interesting plot lines. However, the second time I watched it, even though I knew what happened, I was much more confused. I think I was thinking about the plot TOO much, and that messed me up :-\

  5. I disagree with the two previous comments. The twist in this movie is really amazing and the use of color and black and white really assisted me in the transitions my first time through. I’ve seen it twice since then and each time I am able to pick up more and more of what’s going on because I’m less focused on picking out the story.

  6. I can sit and watch this movie over and over again. So well written. My favorite part is when he’s trying to figure out if he’s chasing or running from the guy shooting him.

  7. I was very intrigued by the movie Memento. The sequence kept me interested. There are many movies that start at the the end but his had a very different feel as it jumped segment by segment leaving you to put the pieces together. I plot and sequence was well thought out. I liked that the twist was not easy to figure out, which can happen when the movie starts at the end of the plot.

  8. So few directors can tell a story from the “end” to the “beginning”. The use of the B&W images as memory flashbacks held the sequence of the film together. This logic in storytelling holds the viewer to the seat like glue. The twist of fate (is he a good guy or bad guy) hangs with every sequence. I like the inevitability of the movie but it still has just enough of a twist to keep your attention. Watching the movie for only one time left me hanging – I will see this film again.

  9. Momento was one of those great psychological thrillers that kept you guessing while giving you just enough to keep you from getting board. The plot progression was executed very nicely, with each “flashback” getting shorter to help add to the feeling of a climax. I also enjoyed the story, which wasn’t as easy to figure out as you’d think. The music and narration were well suited for the film, and the feeling of being lost with the main character was brilliant. I will definatly watch it again.

  10. I’d seen MEMENTO before, but it was worth watching again.
    It’s a great example of film noir.

    I’m not convinced that the film-makers intended to do anything other than make a compelling film, but I suppose you could make a case for it being a commentary on how people can be manipulated by alleged facts; or worse yet, when confronted with the truth they choose to continue living a lie.

  11. I very much enjoyed this movie. At first it was hard to follow going from past to present and back to past then to present again and again. But I eventually figured it out and thought it was a well thought out video. When I went home I even found that my boyfriend actually owns the video and that he really likes it too.

  12. This film was very interesting to watch. The film makers not only made the auidence pay attention to every detail but also question what is real. Who is telling the truth, what is the truth.
    Dealing with memory problems myself it was a bit easier for me to understand what was going on, what he was going through, and what he felt. As the film ends it really shows you leaving what feels like a time loop also at the same time wondering what really happened.

  13. wow. thats just wildly interesting. I want to see this movie because it sounds very heartfelt and real and I just love things that express a lot of emotion. I think its very interesting how he tattoos himself notes, because I do the same thing with sharpie, cause I have a horrible memory. I think its interesting to capture life through Polaroid’s to capture moments, because I feel like sometimes snapshots are beautiful because they are often so unexpected.

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