John Chervinsky


John Chervinski4

Statement Excerpt:

… Conflicts between reason and belief are n ot new but never have they been held in such dramatic constrast as they have in the genomic age. The situation, such as it is, provides fertile ground for the artist and it is why I pursue the project with such urgency.

The entry point into my work is the idea of optical illusion as metaphor. I produce a different type of conceptual still life – one in the manner of a science demonstration or imaginary physics experiment. To accomplish this ….

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5 thoughts on “John Chervinsky

  1. I first saw John Chervinsky’s work via a link on this page.

    I’m endlessly impressed by how inventive he can be with a table and a chalkboard backdrop!

    “The Gravity of Mars”, pictured here is is probably my favorite photo of his.

    I recall asking Ben Van Sickle, at his WMU Photography BFA show, if he was influenced by Chervinsky,because I could see some similarities.

    He said Carol Golembowski was a greater influence on him! (she also has a link here.)

  2. I really enjoy this work because its very much related to still life, but unexpected. I like black and white photography very much, and this gives a strange illusion that is unexpected. Like, all of these elements work together to become something completely different, but all you are doing is essentially pouring a glass of water, and creating a pully system and a different way to do it.

  3. This piece has a mysterious appeal to it. The combination of thoughtful lighting and strong use of line makes the composition come alive.

  4. having a strong engineering background, this photograph caught my attention at once. I like the mechanics of things and this set up is so neat and precise, just like engineering. Interesting how he uses a picture of the moon to pour the water pitcher when pulled down. I wonder if he was going with how the moon controls the tides. It is interesting as to how he made the string look like it is attached to the bottom part of the handle on the pitcher and it is the rope at the top actually supporting it. I am sure the darkness was intentional but I would have liked to see a little more light.

  5. I really enjoy the dynamic of this piece, and the choice in the black and white finish. Due to the subjects within this image the piece becomes a narrative. The viewer can take the narrative any way they want, and it shows foreground, middle ground and background.

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