I Am Your Grandma

Jillian Mayer feat. Michael John Hancock
I Am Your Grandma
I Am Your Grandma
10K Islands
A Borscht Corp. Production
Video by Mayer\Leyva (Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva)
Director of Photography: Daniel Fernandez
Costumes & Make up: Wildchild World
Production Assistant: Layla Youssef Bessiso
Vice Premiere
YouTube 1,000,000 Club
Web Soup Spoof
CBS News

KEEPSAKE – TIFF: Best Experimental Film

Keepsake, an experimental short film by Callum Linden.

This film won Best Experimental Film at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Next Wave Jump Cuts Filmmakers Showcase.

This film was done for a film project, for film school. The purpose of the project, was to find an object that had great meaning to myself, and through my film, I had to show that the object I chose wasn’t only an inanimate object, but something more. I had to change the viewer’s opinion on my object, changing it from their view of it being just the object, to my personal view by subjectifying it, and showing what my object means to me. The film had to have 70% of it’s footage as the object, and the other 30% could be extra narrative elements to help enhance the story.


Artist’s Statement

The object I chose to subjectify was an old Minolta X-700 SLR. The camera belongs to my father, and he has had it for about 30 years. The camera has captured many moments in his life, mine, and my family’s. Looking back on the camera which is now no longer in use, it reminds my father and I of many past events, fun times, and memories. Through my film, I tried to show that this camera, to me, isn’t just a camera, but an object that holds these memories, and all of them built up together can be thought of as my life. With the camera, metaphorically, being my life, each roll of film can be thought of as a chapter within my life, and each picture taken, can be thought of as a memory.

In my film, I decided to start with a distorted shot of my camera, to show my birth, followed by footage of a roll of film being placed into the camera, showing the first chapter of my life beginning. Throughout the film, I showed old footage of my childhood, and showed the camera capturing these moments as memories. As the film neared the end, I showed the camera hitting the last picture in the roll of film. This represented a chapter of my life ending, waiting to be replaced by a new one. The video of the camera zooming out of the SLR and the film pieces all around it, showed that as I move on through the chapters of my life, these memories become fragmented and slowly fade away.