Max Stossel • Subway Love

I wrote this as I waited for the F train at West 4th on a day where it just WASN’T coming. It was a particularly hot and sweaty day and as the station filled up it got hotter and sweatier. Eventually I realized we were 250 people staring into a black tunnel and I started trying to make eye contact with people.

Love & life’s greatest opportunities are hiding right in front of our faces… and breathing hot, disgusting air down our necks.

So much thanks to Matt Freidell and everyone who helped bring this to life!

Written, by Max Stossel
Directed, by Matthew Freidell
Cinematography, by Sean Ferry
Starring, Rachel Berman & Ryan Weiss
Choreography, by Celia Rowlson-Hall
Produced by, Matthew Freidell, Sean Ferry & Max Stossel
Graphics/FX by, Matthew Freidell
Audio Engineering, By Samuel Witte

Extras: Mark Smith, Alex Mizrahi, Anya Raza, Douglas Holt, Pavel Konoplenko, Amy Merrill, Vishal Sapra, Orpheus Mercury, Rameet Chawla, James Hercher, Paul Kuhn, Matthew Brimer, Emmy Bush, Radha Agrawal, Christina Manat, David Yarus, Madison Headrick, Alex Rieflin, Paul Mauer, Stephanie Bagley, Eli Clark-Davis, Dean Ginsberg, Ruthie Ginsberg, Brooke Amber Johnson, Miki Agrawal, Andrew Horn, and Dan Fredinburg.

Brazilian Portuguese Subtitles: Flávio Marianni

Copyright © 2015 Max Stossel
All Rights Reserved


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