Pipilotti Rist

Louisiana Channel – Pipilotti Rist


9 thoughts on “Pipilotti Rist

  1. I would love to take a nap in the big room with all the pictures floating by over the walls. The last video of the flower being smashed into the car windows feels like the woman is frustrated about something but puts on a happy face. Or she just likes the sensation of her flower stick smashing against glass.

  2. “ever is over all” is the kind of video i could watch again and again and not get bored with. i love the idea of something so soft and natural like the plant that is doing the destruction.

  3. I love the juxtaposition of breaking glass with a soft organic flower. The broken edge of the glass further divides the screen in an asymmetrical way encroaching on the city scene larger than life. The landscape breathes such life into the dynamic of the woman walking down the street. Beautiful!

  4. I believe these youtube videos aren’t doing her work justice. I would really enjoy siting in these large rooms and experiencing her work first hand. The shear scale of her work makes it remarkable!

  5. Her installations are like mystical lands and the colors alone are stunning; I wish they were in every room of my house.

  6. Piplotti’s work hits so many sweet spots simultaneously – her treatment of the duality of that particular species of flower – both phallic/masculine and fertile/feminine is mirrored by the female character whose aggressive/assertive (stereotypically masculine) expression through her action surprises the viewer. I think the quality of shock that the viewer experiences is more reflective of the continuation of gender stereotypes in society, and Rist merely draws attention to that bind. A man smashing windows is violent, but a women is amusing.

  7. In respect to National: Exile, Vilify: I found this to be an extremely emotional video that explores the want to defer the finality of death. The hero in his effort fails, and that is an untypical plot scenario. The discomfort factor is there.

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