Death Poem • High5Collective

Like an Academy Award nominated student film created on Adderall, Death Poem takes the viewer to the furthest reaches of their brains. Pushing the limits of God’s imagination. Never before have you seen so much blasphemy in one video. Death Poem will make you believe in God, then believe in yourself.


Poem By Aimee Noelle @coconutskinss

nostalgia seems silly today,
soon my bones
will be the reason
the flowers
bloom again.
me and the bees

like holes
in a poor prophet’s pockets,
my organs have turned to
useless vessels

death keeps happening like blinking does–
once those eyelashes
flutter for the last time,
the spark exits
out of the mouth and eyes and ears
and nose and
death hangs around
like raindrops on windows,
like smoke lingers
in a closed car. coming into
focus like an out of
date photograph; dissolving back
to static.

dead is like leaving the eye doctor with
new glasses so everything is
heightened to the point of sublimity,
to the point of obscenity,
tripping over
because the ground seems further
away than it used
instead of seeing colors,
you taste them.
instead of needing air,
you sip light.

everything ends everything begins everything ends everything begins
and so on

they say that there are as many
galaxies as there are grains of sand
on all the beaches in the world.
salsa dancing with the dead.
no skeleton to get tired,
perusing through
outer space wearing
coconut is falling
from the sky on jupiter,
i wish
you were here.

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